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University Health Services

Verification of Medical Illness Notes


Verification of medical illness notes are given to students to document visits to the University Health Services, at the discretion of the treating provider.


The University of Cincinnati University Health Services recognizes that students are expected to attend every class. We advise students to contact their professors directly (preferably before missing a class) to make arrangements to accommodate their illness, if necessary. The University Health Services cannot vouch for past illnesses, and appointments will not be made for the sole reason of obtaining a note for class. However, if a student is ill and is seen by a treating provider in UHS, a note verifying the appointment for illness can be provided for the date of service, again, at the discretion of the treating provider. Most students will receive a copy of the ‘after visit summary’ after seeing a healthcare provider. This will contain personal healthcare information so a student should not feel pressured to share this information.

Copies of this policy may be given to the student upon request. In no way does a copy of this policy exempt the student from class without approval from the professor.

Revised: October 12, 2016