Today is Saturday, Aug. 15, 2020

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University Health Services

Now is the time to have a conversation about health and safety.

Often a parent feels apprehension about their child during this time of transition into a new stage of independence. While you can never completely protect your child, talking to your child before he/she arrives on campus about proactive strategies is the best way encourage your child to make healthy choices that will benefit their experience here on campus. Topics about stress, performance expectations, time management, drugs and alcohol, risky sexual behavior, diversity, safety awareness are subjects to consider. Be sure your child is knowledgeable of resources in the community that could assist if ever the need should arise.

The providers at University Health Services are well acquainted with the college environment and related medical issues. All of the providers at University Health Services are familiar with the issues that college students often face, such as stress, chronic health conditions, learning disabilities, nutrition issues or eating disorders, relationship problems, sexual health issues, alcohol or drug problems, or sports injuries. The staff will work with the student and respond to any of their questions and concerns.

Where to go for hospital or specialty care

University of Cincinnati Medical Center has everything your family member would need. For questions about physicians or UC specialty practices call 513-475-8000

UC Health Emergency Medicine is recognized as one of the best Emergency Medicine programs in the country. For UC Emergency Services call 513-584-5700

When your child registers at University Health Services with his/her personal contact information and health insurance information they will be automatically registered in the UC Health electronic medical record system. This includes University Health Emergency Medicine.

  • If your student seeks care at UC Health Emergency Care Medicine, staff can and will notify the person listed as the emergency contact if your student elects the option of notify upon admission during their registration process here at UHS.

Other Area Hospitals: The Christ Hospital, Good Samaritan Hospital, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

Health and Safety Resources

The University of Cincinnati web page contains many resources specifically targeted to the needs of a college student. Take the time to explore the web site with your student before arrival to campus.

UC Public Safety

Bearcat Guardian

(CDC) College Health and Safety


UHS Mental Health

Counseling and Psychological Services

RAIN Rape, Abuse, Incest National Network

Help for Student Victims and Student Survivors

After Hours Care

Established patients of University Health Services can call our after-hours number and speak to a physician on call.

Appointments/General Information/After Hours: 513-556-2564

For Emergency call 911

Urgent Care Facilities may be another option to consider. Please remember our physicians cannot discuss health matters about child if he/she is over 18 years of age. Your child must be the one to make the call.