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Department of

University Health Services


Photo of  Nancy Finch, LPCC-S

Nancy Finch, LPCC-S

Clinical Counselor

Photo of  Jerry Friemoth, MD

Jerry Friemoth, MD

Professor Emeritus

Photo of  Michael Holliday, MD

Michael Holliday, MD

Assoc Professor - Clin Geo

Photo of  Kate Holm, NP

Kate Holm, NP

Nurse Practitioner - COM

Photo of  Ruby Huang, PA-C, MPH

Ruby Huang, PA-C, MPH

Physician Assistant

Photo of  Richard Joecken, PharmD

Richard Joecken, PharmD


Photo of Kim Miller, MD

Kim Miller, MD

Executive Director

Photo of  Christine Muller-Held, PsyD

Christine Muller-Held, PsyD

Sr. Staff Psychologist

Photo of  Lauri Nandyal, MD

Lauri Nandyal, MD

Adjunct Associate Professor

Photo of  Sarah Pickle, MD

Sarah Pickle, MD

Assistant Professor

Photo of  Isidro Risma, MD

Isidro Risma, MD

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Photo of Amy Seese

Amy Seese

Asst Professor - Adj COM

Photo of Jaime Stovering, PsyD

Jaime Stovering, PsyD

Staff Psychologist - COM

Photo of  Giselle Weller, MD

Giselle Weller, MD

Adjunct Associate Professor

Photo of Sarah Wilder, MSN, APRN

Sarah Wilder, MSN, APRN

Nurse Practitioner