Today is Tuesday, Sep. 22, 2020

Systems Biology and Physiology Graduate Program

General Information

  • Students who are admitted are eligible to receive a full package of tuition support and stipend for up to five years of full-time study. 
  • Students are highly encouraged to apply for extramural and intramural funding. 
  • The program will also provide year-round student health insurance.


  • Domestic and international graduate students receive full remission of instructional, general, and campus life fees for each academic year for up to five years of study


  • The 12-month stipend in the Systems Biology and Physiology Program for academic year 2017–18 is $30,000. (This compares favorably with the NIH predoctoral stipend set at $23,844 in FY2017.) Students are encouraged to seek additional fellowships and will receive supplemental stipend amounts equal to 15 percent of the external funding that directly supports the stipend, with a maximum of $2,000/year, if successful.


  • Financial support is available to travel to scientific meetings
  • Graduate school governance association (up to $400)
  • The Kline endowment provides travel support for conferences and workshops (up to $500 per academic year)
  • Additional funds may be available through individual fellowships


  • Students in good standing receive tuition, health insurance and stipend for up to five years of full-time study or until they accumulate a minimum of 90 graduate credit hours. After these limitations are reached, continued support is at the discretion of the student’s research advisor and dissertation committee