Today is Tuesday, Sep. 22, 2020

Systems Biology and Physiology Graduate Program

Program Overview

Systems Biology and Physiology at UC is an interdisciplinary graduate program comprising faculty and staff from 17 departments within the Colleges of Medicine, Engineering, and Arts and Sciences. 

Research efforts focus on a wide array of biomedical topics from trying to understand normal and pathological function to development of new experimental tools and technologies. 

Program participants are encouraged to embrace multi-faceted experimental approaches, making full use of the world class laboratory, computational, and clinical infrastructures available at UC. 

The intellectual and physical resources of the Program are specifically focused on five interrelated Areas of Excellence: 

Program faculty and scientists frequently engage in research spanning several of these groups.

Coursework, seminars, laboratory rotations and other activities are tailored to the particular needs of each student and are designed to support the Program’s mission to develop talented scientists capable of advancing biomedical discovery in the post-genomic era.