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Systems Biology and Physiology Graduate Program

Professional Development in Biomedical Research

Course # MCP8001
2 Credit Hours
Fall Semester
Course Directors
Yana Zavros, PhD | e-mail: | Phone:  513-558-2421
Christina Gross, PhD | e-mail: | Phone:  513-636-3493

Syllabus and Schedule (PDF)

The objective of this course is to provide training in professional development of skills that will help you succeed in your graduate studies and your future career as a scientist. Among the most important of these is effective grant writing and the development of a proposal. One of the major objectives of the course is to help you prepare for your qualifying exam and/or fellowship application. The course also informs you of the NIH application and review process. It is recommended that students also participate in the "Career Opportunities in Biomedical Sciences (GNTD8003)" course and also "Academic Survival Skills" (NS7077).