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Cardiothoracic Surgery Curriculum

The thoracic residency has a structured educational program. A weekly cardiothoracic teaching conference covers all topics included in the Thoracic Surgery Directors Association core curriculum. In addition, we have a monthly journal club and morbidity and mortality conference. The residents also attend a weekly review of the Self-Education Self-Assessment in Thoracic Surgery (SESATS). During these sessions, residents review questions covering all areas of cardiothoracic surgery with faculty members. Thoracic residents also participate in a number of animal and cadaver simulation laboratories throughout the year, with sessions for open and thoracoscopic lobectomy, chest wall resection, tracheal resection, sleeve lobectomy, coronary artery bypass and valve repair/replacement.

Residents are required to take the annual in-training examination provided by the Thoracic Surgery Directors Association. Residents in the I-6 program also take the American Board of Surgery In-Training Examination during the first three years. They also are given a mock oral examination by the cardiothoracic faculty to assist in preparation for the American Board of Thoracic Surgery certification examination.