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Transplant Research Virtual Symposium

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Time Title Presenter
9-9:10 Introduction  
9:10-9:30 UC Health Mini (poster) presentation: Evaluation of a Surveillance after Prophylaxis Strategy for Cytomegalovirus Prevention in Liver Transplant Recipients           Parrish, Luckett
9:30- 10:10 Carfilzomib-Based Desensitization: Effects on HLA, Non-HLA, Auto, and Antiviral Antibodies Tremblay, Woodle
9:30- 10:10 BAFF Inhibition to Prevent Antibody Rebound Following Proteasome Inhibitor-Based Desensitization: A Randomized, Controlled Trial  Tremblay, Woodle
11:10-10:30 Belatacept Removal by Plasmapheresis: Kinetics, Dose Adjustments and Clinical Recommendations          Tremblay, Vinks
10:30-12:10 Analysis of Rejection, Rejection Therapy and Renal Function in the BEST Trial        Kuzaro, Woodle
10:30-12:10 Patient-Reported Outcomes in a Prospective Multicenter Trial of Belatacept-Based CNI- and Corticosteroid-Free Immunosuppression Regimens in Kidney Transplantation: A Prospective Analysis Across Two Years Rohan, Alloway
10:30-12:10 A Prospective Randomized Multicenter Trial (BEST Trial) of Belatacept-Based CNI- and Corticosteroid-Free Immunosuppression: Infectious Complications           West-Thielke, Woodle
10:30-12:10 Belatacept-Based, Calcineurin Inhibitor and Corticosteroid Free Immunosuppression: Differential Outcomes Based on Recipient Age    Wilson, Woodle
10:30-12:10 Belatacept-Based Regimens: Induction and Recipient Gender Influence Outcomes                Wilson, Woodle
12:10-12:30 Belatacept Based Early Steroid Withdrawal Regimens: Differential Responses in African Americans and Non-African Americans   Wilson, Woodle
12:10-12:30 Comparison of Reduced-Dose and Labeled-Dose Belatacept Conversion with Immediate or Early Tacrolimus Withdrawal in Kidney Transplant Recipients without Maintenance Corticosteroids Kuzaro, Kremer
12:30-12:45 Bone Marrow Plasma Cell Heterogeneity Drives Resistance of Proteasome Inhibitor Therapy Cyd Castro Rojas
12:45-12:55 Allotransplantation of Ligated Arteriovenous Fistula as a Novel Strategy for Patients with Multiple Vascular Access Failures              Jaramillo-Gante, Linares-Cervantes
12:55-1:15 Feasibilty of Hepatitis C NAT Positive Kidney Transplant into Hepatitis C Negative Recipients as Standard of Care              Kaur, Govil
1:15-1:55 Other Renal Mini (poster) presentation:  
1:15-1:55 A Single Center Experience of Atypical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome Post Solid Organ Transplantation - "Benign Genetic Variants: Perhaps No More" Khan, Abu Jawdeh
1:15-1:55 Outreach as a Way to Improve Access to Kidney Transplants: A Model to Align with Future of Kidney Disease Care        Govil, Thakar
1:15-1:55 Racial Disparities in Long-Term Outcomes in Kidney Transplantation from Elderly Donors in United States     Silvi Shah, Jain
1:15-1:55 The Role of Complement-Split Products as Biomarkers for Acute Antibody-Mediated Rejection of Kidney Allografts         Abu Jawdeh, Dixon
1:55-2:15 "Liver: No Kidney after Liver Left Behind: An Analysis of the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network "Safety Net" Policy" Lee, Quillin
2:15-2:25 Liver Mini (poster) presentation: Sparing the Nephron in Liver Transplant Recipients with Antithymocyte Bridging: A Four Year Experience Wilson, Kaiser
2:25-2:45 Education: Transplant Surgery Continuing Professional Development Courses Increase Knowledge and Procedural Confidence Hobeika, Diwan
2:45-2:55 Education Mini (poster) presentation: Organ Offer Behavioral Research Enhances Transplant Surgeon Training  Diwan, Ratner
2:55-3:00 Conclusion
Surgical researchers in the UC Department of Surgery.
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