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UC Student Health Insurance

Steps to Waive Student Health Insurance

  1. Log into your catalyst account under (This must go through your student account, not the parent delegated account) 
  2. Under Tasks, click on your ‘To Do’ list on the left side of the page (Make sure you have not clicked on the service indicator)
    To-Do List
  3.  Click ‘Student Health Insurance Waiver’
  4. Click Review and Complete
  5. At the bottom of the page click “Waive Student Health Insurance” if you do not want the Student Health Insurance Plan
  6. You will need to check the box to agree to the terms, then click confirm, and then continue.
  7. You will be re-directed to Gallagher’s web page. If you are not re-directed, ensure that your pop up blockers are turned off.
  8. Click on “I want to waive”
  9. You will be required to answer questions and input your information.
  10. You will be provided a confirmation number when the information is complete.
  11. You will receive two emails, one to confirm that they received the information, the second will confirm if the waiver was approved or denied.

If the waiver is no longer on your ‘To Do’ list:

  1. Under ‘My Finances’, on the left hand side click on ‘Student Health Insurance’
  2. Select ‘Health Insurance Waiver Status'.
  3. You will be required to select the year you are waiving coverage for.
  4. Click “continue” and you will be re-directed to the Gallagher web page.
  5. (Go to step 6)

For International Students Attending from their Home Country

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and travel restrictions, many international students are unable to come to the U.S. for Fall Semester 2020. If you will be in your home country for the Fall Semester 2020, you are NOT required to have the UC Student Health Insurance.

You will need to notify the insurance office that you are in your home country in one of two ways:

  1. Apply for the Bearcats Everywhere Scholarship. The application will be open on Monday, July 20, 2020.
    • Once your application is approved and the award is applied to your account, the UC Health Office will automatically remove the student health insurance charge from your bill. There are no next steps for you to take.

      , if you do not qualify of the Bearcats Everywhere Scholarship:
  2. One of the following documents must be sent by email to, which will serve as proof that you will be in your home country for the Fall Semester 2020:
        a. Confirmation from your Academic Advisor
        b. A plane ticket from the United States to your home country, dated in the last six months
        c. An official document from your parents listing all the family members who live in your home country

Please note that you will see an Insurance Waiver Form on your To Do section of your Catalyst account.  If you will be in your home country for the Fall Semester 2020, you are NOT required to complete the waiver form. If you have completed the waiver form, you will get a denial notification from Gallagher, a company associated with UC Health. The UC Health Insurance Office will automatically email you as follow up to get the proper documentation to remove the insurance charge from your account.

This is for the Fall Semester 2020 only. If you will be on campus for the Spring Semester 2021, you will be required to have the proper health insurance coverage from a U.S. based company. If there are continued travel restrictions for the Spring Semester 2021, we will update you with instructions at that time.

If you have any questions please contact the UC Student Health Office at or +1 513-556-6868

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