Today is Thursday, Jul. 29, 2021

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UC Student Health Insurance

Continuation Coverage

Students can enroll in the continuation plan through United Healthcare for up to 90 days after losing coverage.

Please note that you will no longer be a student under the continuation plan, so you cannot receive care at the UHS clinic. You must find an in-network provider, which means you will be charged the in-network rate.

To enroll in the continuation plan for extended coverage, please complete the 2020-2021 continuation enrollment form by:

  1. Logging into MyAccount at
  2. Once logged in, click on the take action button in the top right corner and a box will appear.
  3. Click on “Enroll in Continuation”.

Payments and billings are made directly through United Healthcare, not through the student catalyst account.

Please contact United Healthcare customer service at 1-800-767-0700 if you have any questions or concerns.