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UC Student Health Insurance

UC Student Health Policy Benefits Overview

Policy Benefits

The University’s Student Health Insurance Plan covers major medical expenses, and is underwritten by United Healthcare Student Resources.  The plan includes in-network and out-of-network coverage, and is gold tier standard.  The Student Health Insurance plan is compliant with the Affordable Care Act, and has a huge nationwide network of providers available.  Additionally, those insured by the Student Health Insurance plan have additional benefits when seeking services through the University Health Services (UHS).

Referral Required

A referral is required before seeking non-emergent care or treatment outside University Health Services (UHS) to ensure the highest level of coverage is received through Student Health Insurance.  

This does not apply if the insured is more than 50 miles from UHS, receiving out of network coverage, or for ob/gyn or maternity care. Dependent children (under 18 years of age) are not eligible to use UHS, and therefore, do not require a referral to receive in-network pricing.

If the in-network provider you were referred to refers you, the original referral is still applicable. You do not need to receive an additional referral. 

Please call the clinic at 513-556-2564 for assistance in obtaining a referral.


In-Network prescriptions require you to meet a deductible before the insurance can cover you. This is why we typically ask students to pick up their prescriptions at UHS pharmacy, where the expenses are at a 3-tier rate. 

Please visit the coverage rates page for a breakdown on this information.

Obtain Access

Receive access to claims, EOBs, providers, correspondence and coverage information by creating an account at

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Do The Five
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