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FAQ’s for UC Student Health Insurance

What if I am currently covered by my parent’s, my spouse’s, or my own insurance?

Students who are currently enrolled in a health insurance plan that is equal to or better than the UC Student Health Insurance Plan may waive UC Student Health Insurance by submitting an online waiver by the deadline.

I waived the UC Student Health Insurance and lost my coverage, can I enroll in Student Health Insurance?

Yes. You would need to provide documentation of the loss of coverage, and complete the enrollment form, and submit to the student health insurance office.

My waiver was denied, what do I do?

On the email that was sent from Gallagher, a reason was given for the denial. If you feel the denial is in error you can upload supporting documentation to have your status re-reviewed

Who is eligible for the plan?

All students registered for Co-op and/or for six or more credit hours are eligible for coverage and will be automatically charged both (if eligible for both) fall and spring semesters unless they have previously waived coverage during the current academic year.

Graduate students registered for at least one graduate credit hour each semester (the graduate credit hour must be toward their degree and they must be matriculated into a program) are eligible to enroll.  They must submit a Student Health Insurance enrollment form for each semester they desire coverage, but before the semester deadline.

Students must actively attend classes for at least the first 31 days after the effective date of the period for which coverage is purchased. This requirement is waived for Co-op students.

Is Dental and/or Vision included in the Student Health Insurance Plan?

Dental and/or vision are not covered under Student Health Insurance Plan. The Plan only covers if there is an injury or the need for the removal of impacted wisdom teeth.

Please visit our Dental and Vision Insurance page for the suggested ways to be covered. 

What do I get for free under Student Health Insurance?
All primary care obtained at the University Health Services at both east and west campuses is no charge and there is no visit limit. Most immunizations (doses, age, and populations vary) and birth control from in-network providers is also free.

What is considered primary care?
Primary care includes but is not limited to, primary care doctors visits, lab services (medically necessary), and gynecological services.

Does the UC Student Insurance Plan provide mental health and substance abuse services?
Patients who are in need of inpatient care would receive provider services and room and board. There is also coverage for outpatient therapy for substance abuse and mental health counseling. Those insured under SHI may receive care at UHS for under $20 per session.

Can I enroll my eligible dependents?
Yes, you can enroll your eligible dependents at the same time you enroll your own initial plan enrollment by going to our enrollment page and downloading an enrollment form. A student enrolled for annual coverage that doesn’t enroll their dependent for annual coverage cannot purchase dependent coverage for the spring semester unless a qualifying event occurs.

What is a qualifying event?

  •  Marriage
  • Birth of a child
  • Divorce
  • Loss of coverage under another health insurance
  • Dependent is entering the country for the first time

Where can I find my Student Health Insurance I.D. card?

  1.  Go to
  2. Log in
  3. Click ‘My Finances’ tab
  4. Under ‘Billing Information’, find and click the link ‘Print Stdnt Health Ins ID Card’.

Does this plan cover me when I am off campus, traveling, or studying abroad?
Yes, the Student Health Insurance Plan is worldwide coverage. It will cover you during semester breaks, summer vacation, and even if you’re traveling or studying abroad. You’ll be covered for the period for which you are enrolled and premiums are paid.

Will I be covered under the plan after I graduate?
You will be covered under the Student Health Insurance Plan until the end of the policy period for which you are enrolled.  If you enrolled and paid for annual or spring/summer coverage and graduate in the spring, you will be covered until the end of the policy year.

For how long am I covered?
Students can be covered for a full Plan year (August to August). Eligibility for coverage is determined by the registration status of students. If students remain registered for the minimum required number of credit hours for fall semester and spring semester each, they are eligible for coverage for the entire Plan year.

Once I’m enrolled in Student Health Insurance, can I terminate coverage and get a refund?
No, once you are enrolled in the Student Health Insurance plan you will be enrolled for that period of coverage. The Student Health Insurance plan does not terminate due to getting coverage through marriage or purchasing private insurance. A prorated refund of premium is only permitted when a student enters the armed forces.

Can I use my 529 Plan to pay for student health insurance?
You will need to contact your plan provider to get my detailed information about your approved expenses.

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