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Medical Student Records

Student in simulation center.

About the Office

The Office of the Registrar of the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine is responsible for managing the registration, records and degree audits of our students. This responsibility includes the following activities:

  • Registration of students.
  • Maintenance of student records in compliance with FERPA regulations.
  • Management of student schedules.
  • Maintenance of student attendance.
  • Management of student grade reporting.
  • Transmission of MSPE and transcript to ERAS and ERAS Fellowship (MIDUS).
  • Verification of satisfactory student progress for USMLE and NRMP.
  • Assurance that all degree requirements are met for graduation.
  • Degree verification and licensing services for active students & graduates.
  • Management of fourth-year electives for College of Medicine students and visiting students.

Our office proudly serves the needs of our students from their initial acceptance into the College of Medicine through graduation and into their alumni years.

As alumni, many of our past students continually give back to the College of Medicine by giving of their time and their financial resources to the generations of students who follow them.