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Radiation Oncology


 BarrordMichelle  white coat (2)

Michelle Barrord, MD


Hometown: Middletown, Ohio 

Medical School: Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED) 

Hobbies: Yoga, reading, cooking, wine tasting, and dancing 

Why I chose University of Cincinnati: UC is everything I wanted in a training program. I was lucky enough to rotate at UC as a med student, and loved the collegiality of the department. Residents and attendings have a collaborative mentorship focused on training exemplary radiation oncologists. We see a wide variety of cases including pediatrics, brachytherapy, and protons. I also could not have hoped for a better group of co-residents to hang out with both in and outside of work.   

BluemelTrevor  white coat

Trevor Bluemel, MD


Hometown: Casper, WY

Medical School: Medical College of Wisconsin

What I like most about Cincinnati? Cincinnati is filled with great parks, bike paths, excellent schools, and easy to access outdoor activities. The fact that it is such an affordable place to raise a family truly makes it a fantastic place.

Why I like this residency program? The University of Cincinnati residency program is great because of the environment. Nursing staff, therapists, physicists, physicians, residents, administrators, and support staff are all working together for the good of the patient. Coming to work is truly a pick me up. My fellow residents always put a smile on my face regardless of life challenges. Dr. Kharofa goes to great lengths to improve the educational value of everything we do, and you would be hard pressed to find such a talented, diligent, focused, and resident advocating program director.    

What I like to do in my free time? I enjoy jumping on the trampoline with my children, date nights with my wife, cycling, golf, basketball, reading, and boating .

CrossleyNajeeb with UCH lab coat

Najeeb Crossley, MD


Hometown: Washington D.C.

Medical School: Howard University College of Medicine

What I like most about Cincinnati? Very affordable cost of living. No big city traffic!

Why I like this residency program? The great culture, super solid training, the camaraderie among residents, the fact that every single attending is invested in our learning and are all very approachable, the way the attendings push/challenge us to be better in a respectful and professional way, the amazing nurses, therapists, administrative and support staff that care for and make it all happen for our patients every day.

What I like to do in my free time? Spend time with my family. Cook. Sleep. Watch comedy and documentaries.




Frankart_Andrew  white coat

Andrew Frankart, MD


Hometown: I was born in Cincinnati and also grew up in Lima, OH before returning to Cincinnati for college.

Medical School: University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

What I like most about Cincinnati: Cincinnati is a great place to live.  As a perfect blend of big city and small town, it has plenty to do while being friendly and accessible.

What I like about this residency program:  It is a privilege to learn from a group of people who combine top-level clinical knowledge with genuine kindness towards patients and each other.

What I like to do in my free time:  I enjoy spending time with my family and friends.  I am also a big sports fan and like watching and playing football, basketball, and tennis.

Kreinbrink_Paul  white coat

Paul Kreinbrink, MD


Hometown: Leipsic, OH

Medical School: Rush Medical College of Rush University

What I like most about Cincinnati? There really is no shortage of places to eat, drink, or just hang out in Cincinnati. Especially with the growth of Over-the-Rhine, Walnut Hills, and Northern Kentucky, you could go to a different place every week and not see all there is in town before you finish.

Why I like this residency program? ? I enjoy the friendly relationships that we have with each other, our attendings, as well as with our staff at UC. It’s rare that you find such strong camaraderie between coworkers, and UC is special as we add that type of environment to the fact that we have very strong clinicians and teachers to learn from.

What I like to do in my free time? I try to take in as many Ohio State football and basketball games as I can, otherwise I enjoy cooking, golfing (not well), reading, and spending time with my wife in the few nights when she’s not on call.

Lewis_Luke  white coat

Luke Lewis, MD


Hometown: Columbus, OH

Medical School: University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

What I like most about Cincinnati:I love the variety of restaurants, breweries and entertainment options and the distinct vibe of the different neighborhoods.  Over the Rhine alone includes Zula, The Eagle, Holtmans, Rhinegeist, Three Points and Goodfellas- all delicious!

What I like this residency program: The two things I like most about UC’s residency program are the diversity of experience and working environment. We have the opportunity to work at the Barrett Center, VA Medical Center, Cincinnati Children’s, a satellite facility in West Chester and the new Proton Center. Each location has a unique patient population giving a tremendously well rounded residency experience. Most importantly I have found the relationships between residents, faculty, physicists, dosimetrists and everyone else in the department respectful, warm and professional.

What I like to do in my free time: When I am not out enjoying the city's culinary scene with my wife, I nerd out. I enjoy building computers, testing various server configurations on my home lab in the basement, light robotics and automation tinkering, painting sci-fi figurines in my attic and petting my beautiful beagle Princess Josie BooBoo Back-Lewis.

Nelson_Bailey  white coat

Bailey Nelson, MD


Hometown: Owensboro, KY

Medical School: University of Louisville School of Medicine

What I like most about Cincinnati? My family and friends are nearby. Cincinnati is home to several professional and college sports teams.  We have a good music scene with multiple concert venues. The city’s diverse neighborhoods offer a variety of experiences.

Why I like this residency program? Every person in the department is approachable and friendly. I feel like part of a Rad Onc family. We see a high volume of brachytherapy, proton therapy and pediatric cases. There is plenty of research to get involved with.

What I like to do in my free time? Spend time with my husband, family and friends; go to concerts and music festivals, travel, watch basketball, try new restaurants, outdoor activities, swim

ScherEli with UCH lab coat

Eli Scher, MD


Hometown: I grew up in West Orange, NJ (little known fact: Hugh Laurie stars in “The Oranges,” based in my town!), and lived in various Jersey towns as well as New York before moving out to the Midwest for residency.

Medical School: Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine

What I like most about Cincinnati? The difference in traffic between here and the Northeast simply cannot be put into words - but take my word for it. We love how easy and affordable life is out here, and are always taking advantage of all the outdoor activities in the area.

Why I like this residency program? We are fortunate to have a robust eduction and first-hand experience treating every disease site and pediatrics with a tremendously diverse patient population all within Cincinnati. More importantly, the program fosters an education-first mentality where the priority is teaching residents and helping them learn to become independent and compassionate physicians.

What I like to do in my free time? I spend my free time in my house full of girls (my wife and two daughters), and have learned more about Barbie and Disney then I ever thought possible. Otherwise, I enjoy playing guitar and piano, concerts with my wife, running, boating, beaching, and photography.