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Public Relations and Communications

Work of the Public Relations Office

About the Office

The Office of Public relations and Communications is responsible for keeping the public informed about scientific and medical progress at the UC College of Medicine. In doing so, our team serves as a link between UC faculty and staff and the news media and general community.

We strive to be an accurate, comprehensive and authoritative source of health information for print and digital media nationwide. As part of this mission, we respond to requests for experts, background information, educated opinions or a local angle to national news.

The office comprises of six key areas of communication:

  • Branding/Graphic Design
  • Media Relations
  • Publication Development
  • Content Generation
  • Internal Communications
  • Social Media

Complimenting our efforts is our cost-recovery service center, Communications Services, which offers an extensive range of design, duplicating, photographic and video resources to the university community and beyond. Committed to quality, the center strives to help meet creative objectives without straining budgets.

To reach a member of our team, please call 513-558-4553 or email