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Addiction Sciences Division Research Areas

The Addiction Sciences Division (ASD) conducts research in the following areas:

Pharmacotherapy for substance use disorders

We have been conducting NIH-funded clinical trials for substance use disorders for the past 18 years with a particular focus on stimulant and tobacco use disorders.

Translational Research

ASD investigators have received funding from the National Drug Abuse Treatment Clinical Trials Network (NIDA CTN) since 2000 to evaluate the effectiveness of substance use disorder treatments in the “real world” settings of community treatment programs. We are also investigating the extent to which substance use disorder treatments provided via the NIDA CTN are effective in reducing HIV risk behaviors.

Neurobiology of Stimulant Use Disorder
Our recent work has included evaluating the neurocognitive functioning of patients with stimulant use disorder and its association with treatment outcomes.

 HIV prevention

Our research has included developing and evaluating HIV prevention interventions among at-risk populations including individuals with substance use disorders.

Opioid overdose prevention

ASD researchers collaborate with faculty in other departments and with local community providers to implement and evaluate interventions to decrease the rate of opioid overdose and improve education on the prevention and treatment of overdose.

Treatment retention in pregnant and postpartum women

Recent work has included efforts to understand the unique reasons pregnant and postpartum women leave substance use disorder treatment and to develop interventions to improve their retention in treatment.

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