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Ohio Valley Node-Network (OVNN)

The Ohio Valley Node-Network, a research component of the Addiction Sciences Division (ASD), has been funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse Clinical Trials Network (CTN) since 2000 with the goal of improving substance use disorder screening and treatment through collaborations with community treatment providers and researchers throughout the nation. Its network structure is designed for the completion of pragmatic clinical trials and the dissemination of trial results.

The Ohio Valley Node-Network includes four practice-based research networks (PBRNs), including two state-wide PBRNs (COIN and WREN) which, combined, include more than 350 practices and treat more than 4 million patients per year. A third PBRN is a state-wide pharmacy PBRN in Indiana, Rx-SafeNet, which includes 168 pharmacies that fill 1.5 million prescriptions annually. The fourth PBRN includes 8 sites, from 6 states, which together treat > 225,000 patients a year. The OVNN, which includes Midwestern, Appalachian, Mississippi Delta, and Native American representation, significantly contributes to the geographical and cultural diversity of the CTN.

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