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Division of Forensic Psychiatry

AAPL 2015

Drs. Marett (Program Director), Brown, Mossman (former Program Director), and Casey-Leavell get together at the annual AAPL meeting

  • nationally recognized excellence in training forensic psychiatry fellows
  • state-of-the-art mental health consultations to courts, attorneys, and organizations
  • award-winning scholarship in forensic psychiatry 


What Do UC Fellows Say About the Faculty?

“The forensic psychiatry fellowship helped me tackle challenging and complicated cases with a high degree of competence. Completing the forensic psychiatry fellowship at the University of Cincinnati was the best career decision I have made.”

“The fellowship is quite fortunate to have an attorney as knowledgeable and as dedicated as A. J. Stephani. His passion for law and mental health shines in our didactic sessions and explains why he is an award winning teacher.”

“Dr. Mossman is a nationally known forensic expert, yet he always made time to teach the fellows. In a subspecialty filled with strong opinions and big egos, he was a gentleman scholar. He revealed his encyclopedic knowledge in a way that was never boastful, but it helped me realize how much I didn’t know and inspired me to always be learning more.”

“Dr. Bresler radiates an infectious fascination and excitement about forensic work. He showed me the value of deftly using psychological examinations. He teaches you to be passionate about finding the truth in each case and producing a solid report to support your opinion.”

“A.J. Stephani knows his material and teaches with passion. His teaching style allowed for opposing views and opinions, yet he freely shared his knowledge which usually changed my opinion and expanded my mind. He expects a high level of performance of psychiatrists who venture into the legal arena.”

“Dr. Mossman has sharpened my awareness in so many areas important to this field. It’s been an honor to be given so much thoughtful and individualized attention from someone so highly respected in the field.”

“Dr. Bresler combines extraordinary knowledge and decades of experience with exceptional clinical acumen.”

“Dr. Mossman is a distinguished clinician and researcher. He integrates these skills with his love of teaching to create a foundationally sound, rigorous learning experience.”

“A.J. Stephani's energy and enthusiasm are his strengths. He is always alert for and receptive to questions, concerns, concepts not completely understood."

Mossman Gutt hands


Dr. Douglas Mossman delivers the
Manfred S. Guttmacher Award lecture
at the May 2008 American Psychiatric
Association meeting in Washington D.C.

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