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Pharmacology & Systems Physiology 

Seminar Archives 2017

January 31  Jeffrey Osborn, PhD
University of Kentucky
Mitochondrial DNA expression and hypertension: did mom really give you high blood pressure?
February 14  Gary Gudelsky, PhD
University of Cincinnati James Winkle College of Pharmacy
The agony of 'ecstasy': neurotoxicity of MDMA
February 21  Chia-Ying James Lin, PhD
University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
Bioinspired scaffold design with hierarchical tissue properties to facilitate skeletal tissue
February 28  Andrew Paek, PhD
University of Arizona
Measuring protein dynamics in single cells reveals mechanisms of chemotherapy resistance
March 7  Edward Kasarskis, MD, PhD
University of Kentucky
Nutrition, appetite, and ALS
March 21  Michael Jankowski, PhD
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
The many marvels of muscle afferents
April 11 Hesam Hakimjavadi
Systems Biology and Physiology

Krithika Ramasamy-Subramanian
Systems Biology and Physiology
Fight or flight (but do not fatigue!): sodium pump regulation of skeletal muscle stress response

Role of alternative splicing in circadian rhythm regulation
May 9  Eitaro Aihara, PhD
University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
Impact of Helicobacter pylori on peptic ulcers: induction, healing, and recurrence
May 23 Lily Baek
Systems Biology and Physiology

Drew Rosselot
Systems Biology and Physiology
Interconnected network between circadian rhythms and glycogen metabolism

The effect of age and Clostridium difficile toxins on the circadian clock of organoids
September 12  Andrew Norman, PhD
University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
A Physiological Pharmacology approach to understanding cocaine self-administration behavior
September 26  Chang-Guo Zhan, PhD
University of Kentucky
Drug discovery and development via rational design
October 3  Georg Weber, MD, PhD
University of Cincinnati James Winkle College of Pharmacy
Molecular mechanisms of metastasis
October 24  Elizabeta Nemeth, PhD
University of California at Los Angeles School of Medicine
From anemia to iron overload and infection: pathobiology of iron
October 31  Li Wang, PhD
University of Connecticut
LncRNA and nuclear receptor in liver function and disease
November 7  Reto Asmis, PhD
University of Texas at San Antonio
Macrophages and the redox regulation of the immunometabolic interface
November 14  Qiong Yang, PhD
University of Michigan
From molecules to development: understanding design principles of biological oscillators
November 21  Hamid Said, PhD
University of California School of Medicine
Physiology/pathophysiology of water-soluble vitamin transport in organs of the digestive system
November 28  Daria Narmoneva, PhD
University of Cincinnati College of Engineering
Using biophysics to direct wound healing and vascular tissue regeneration
December 5  Jeffrey Osborn, PhD
University of Kentucky
Translating basic science to clinical medicine: identifying the animal model for renal and cardiovascular disease
December 12  David Hui, PhD
University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
Apolipoprotein E receptor-2 (LRP8): much more than a lipoprotein raceptor in cardiovascular disease modulation