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Department of

Pharmacology & Systems Physiology


Welcome to the Department of Pharmacology and Systems Physiology (PSP). Our goal is to advance the fields of basic and applied physiology and pharmacology by engaging in innovative biomedical research. We provide our students with a challenging and supportive environment to pursue academic and professional careers in the biomedical sciences.

Physiologists and pharmacologists alike are curious about the ability of molecules to contribute to cell function, the ability of cells to contribute to tissue function, the ability of tissues to affect organismal function, and ultimately the effects that therapeutic agents have on these systems. Physiology is the science that integrates simple mechanisms into complex systems, and pharmacology uses this knowledge to support the development of the next generation of therapeutic agents.

Research & Education

We view the disciplines of Physiology and Pharmacology as natural allies. Physiologists use drugs and therapeutics to explore the functional behavior of living systems, and pharmacology uses functional approaches to explore and examine therapeutics. Both disciplines are underpinned by the most modern biochemical, molecular and genetic approaches for interrogating complex living systems. Furthermore, the use of innovative computational approaches allows an even greater depth of understanding about how complex biological systems interact. Our education programs provide training for the next generation of scientists, innovators, and leaders in physiology and pharmacology, as well as professional and pre-professional training for students seeking careers in the health sciences.