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Photo of  Shuling Zheng, MD, PhD

Shuling Zheng, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor

Clinical Interest


  • PhD: University of Texas-MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • Medical Degree: Qingdao University Medical College
  • Residency: Stony Brook Medicine University Hospital
  • Surgical Pathology Fellowship: University of Utah/ ARUP Laboratories
  • Genitourinary/ Renal Pathology Fellowship: Mount Sinai Health System
Board Certifications & Licenses
  • American Board of Pathology (Anatomic and Clinical Pathology) 20150728
Contact Information
  • University of Cincinnati Medical Center
  • 234 Goodman St
  • Cincinnati, Ohio 45219
  • Office (513) 584-7284
  • Fax (513) 584-3892
  • Email

Peer Reviewed Publications

Zheng S, et al. 2017. Immune complex kidney disease and HIV associated nephropathy in renal allografts of HIV infected patients Modern Pathology, ,

Zheng S, et al. 2012. Management of radial sclerosing lesions/radial scars diagnosed in core biopsies: excision or not? Modern Pathology, 25 76a,

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