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Department of

Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery

Division of Rhinology and Anterior Cranial Base Surgery

The Division of Rhinology and Anterior Cranial Base Surgery offers residents a wide range and well-rounded approach to disease effecting the para-nasal sinuses and cranial base. A high volume clinical experience in primary and tertiary sinus management, evaluation and treatment of allergies of the upper and lower airways, and complex, endoscopic management of anterior cranial base tumors.

Residents obtain experience of these disorders in their PGY-2, 4 and 5 years. Cadaveric sinus surgery courses are offered yearly to all residents and a state-of-the-art sinus and skull base lab allows further practice and research opportunities. A yearly regional resident endoscopic skull base course is available to residents with a particular interest in multi-disciplinary skull base care. Finally, a large allergy practice focused on clinical guidelines set by the AAOA teaches well-rounded management of sinus disease.

A clinical database is maintained in both allergy and endoscopic skull base surgery and is an excellent source for research projects throughout residency.