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Goodyear Microsurgery Lab

The University of Cincinnati Goodyear Microsurgery Laboratory was established in 1986 as a premier education / teaching and research facility for residents, fellows, faculty, and practicing physicians.

The primary goal of the laboratory is to provide a setting for neurosurgeons often working collaboratively with ENT / head and neck surgeons to learn surgical anatomy and become skilled with microsurgical and endoscopic procedures including instrumentation. Residents and fellows learn in the laboratory simulating ordinary, extraordinary and innovative surgical procedures that they will ultimately perform in the operating room.

goodyear lab dissection

Research Laboratory

The laboratory serves as a research facility for residents to pursue investigative studies focused on surgical anatomy, surgical corridors and surgical procedures. The Goodyear Microsurgery Laboratory is nationally and internationally recognized for its contributions to surgical anatomy and surgical procedures focused on complex intracranial surgery especially surgery of the base of the skull.


Corporate Training

The Goodyear Laboratory has also served as a training facility for medical device / instrument companies including Carl Zeiss Inc., Codman Instrument Co., and Integra Life Sciences. Now formally known as Neurosurgery 101, over 100 courses have been taught to physicians, sales representatives, and staff of our corporate sponsors.

Goodyear Lab

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