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Fourth-Year Electives

We encourage fourth-year medical students to visit the UC Department of Neurosurgery for a four-week rotation. This enables students to meet and work with neurosurgery residents and faculty on a daily basis. They will see first-hand what our program has to offer.

The Department of Neurosurgery accepts applications in accordance with the guidelines established by the UC College of Medicine. See: UCCOM Visiting Student Policy (PDF).


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Neurological Surgery Acting Internship

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Neurological Surgery - ICE

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Neuroanat/Neurosurg Research

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Neurocritical Care (NCC) - ICE

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University of Cincinnati
Department of Neurosurgery

Office Location:
Medical Science Building
231 Albert Sabin Way
P. O. Box 670515
Cincinnati, OH  45257-0515
(513) 558-5387


Resident & Fellow Program Coordinator
Penny Schwab
513-558-3903 phone
513-558-7702 fax