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As one of the first neurosurgical training programs in the country, we continue to drive the direction in our field. Since 1948, University of Cincinnati Department of Neurosurgery has been the academic resource and leader for the region.


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Our faculty consists of experts in every subspecialty of neurosurgery, providing residents with an in-depth understanding of any path they may want to pursue. Residents seek out our department for the diversity, depth and breadth they know they will receive. From a renowned cadaveric dissection lab to unlimited research opportunities, neurosurgery residents at the University of Cincinnati know they will have the resources to push themselves and the department to the next level.

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University of Cincinnati
Department of Neurosurgery

Office Location:
Medical Science Building
231 Albert Sabin Way
P. O. Box 670515
Cincinnati, OH  45257-0515
(513) 558-5387