Today is Friday, Nov. 27, 2020

Neuroscience Graduate Program

Student Life

When not in class or the lab, UC NGP students enjoy work life balance. There are lots of places to go and things to do in Cincinnati!

  • with Allie Greene and Jennifer Patritti Cram
  • Students and Faculty
  • Students and Faculty
  • Students and Faculty
  • NGP alumna Courtney Sullivan, PhD, Jennifer Patritti Cram, and NGP alumnus Arnold Gutierrez, PhD
  • Christin Godale and UC Foundation President Peter Landgren
  • Students and Faculty
  • with Allie Greene and Adam Dourson
  • Christin Godale with NGP alumna Courtney Sullivan, PhD
  • Christin Godale with UC Trustee Ginger Warner
  • BLINK! lights festival in downtown Cincinnati with Allie Greene and Jennifer Patritti Cram
  • with Emily Johnson, Feni Kadakia, and Julia Hoyda
  • Adam Dourson, Allie Greene, and Marissa Smail
  • Marissa Smail, Allie Greene, and Adam Dourson
  • Christin Godale, Samma Regan, and Paige Greenwood
  • Marissa Smail, Adam Dourson, Allie Greene, and Sam Woodburn
  • Feni Kadakia, Alicia Bedolla, Julia Hoyda, and Emily Johnson
  • Students and Faculty
  • Allie Greene, Jennifer Patritti Cram, Sam Woodburn, and Marissa Smail
  •  Allie Greene and Marissa Smail; with Molecular, Cellular and Biochemical Pharmacology (MCBP) student Kit Qualls
  • Sam Woodburn, Allie Greene, Marissa Smail, Adam Dourson, Samma Regan, Jennifer Patritti Cram, Paige Greenwood, Nawshaba Nawreen, Feni Kadakia, Alicia Bedolla, and Emily Johnson
  • Epilepsy Alliance Emerald Miles 5K, with Christin Godale and Dr. Nina Gross
  • Devou Park in Kentucky on 4th of July with Julia Hoyda, Alicia Bedolla, Emily Johnson, and Feni Kadakia
  • Dr. Steve Danzer's lab with Christin Godale and Kim Kraus
  • Adam Dourson, alumna Emily Pitzer, PhD, Sam Woodburn, Marissa Smail, Kelsey Lloyd, Allie Greene, Cindy Cohen, and Christin Godale
  • Julia Hoyda, Alicia Bedolla, Feni Kadakia, and Emily Johnson take in a game