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Requirements for the Doctor of Philosophy in Neuroscience

  • All students must complete a minimum of 90 graduate credit hours with at least 30 credit hours of didactic course work. A minimum grade point average of 3.0 is required. 
  • Qualifying Examination: After approval of a pre-proposal is granted by the Qualifying Exam Committee, a full proposal (formatted as a NIH predoctoral grant application) will be submitted to the qualifying exam committee. The doctoral candidate will subsequently provide a presentation of the proposal to the committee during which time questions about the proposal raised by committee members, including methodology and neuroscientific principles, will be addressed by the doctoral candidate.  
  • At least one first-author, peer-reviewed journal article published or in press is required. 
  • Dissertation Submittal and Defense: A final dissertation based on research performed will be submitted to the candidate's chosen Dissertation Committee consistent with the guidelines published in the NGP Handbook. At least two weeks before the public presentation, the Dissertation Committee will conduct a closed examination. The seminar-style dissertation defense will be open to the public with questions and comments welcomed from the audience. Following approval of 4/5 of the Dissertation Committee, recommendation to confer the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Neuroscience will be submitted to the Graduate School. 

Requirement for the MD/PhD Degree are the same, although timeline and some coursework taken as part of the Medical Scientist Training Program may substitute for non-core Neuroscience coursework as described in the NGP Handbook.