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Department of Pharmacology & Systems Physiology

Special Master’s Program in Physiology

Professional Development in Medicine

Course # MCP8070  |  1 Credit Hour

Fall Semester  |  Syllabus

Class Meets: T 3:00 – 3:55 pm

Course Director: Katie Hobbing, PhD  |  |  Phone: 513-558-4159

This course focuses on professional development skills that are important for the medical school application process. Topics will include: 1) UC Medical Admissions, 2) Community Engagement, 3) Application Planning, 4) Shadowing Experiences MD/DO, 5) Interview Prep, 6) "Minding the Gap" - Getting the most out of your gap year experience and 7) Medical Ethics.

In addition, students engage with their college community by attending seminars, grand rounds, or special guest lectures to expand their scientific understanding while also developing scientific communication skills.

Learning Objectives

  • Develop professional skills important for the medical school application and interviewing process.
  • Engage with the College of Medicine community.
  • Demonstrate effective science communication. 
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Program Leadership

Bryan Mackenzie, PhD Email
Academic Director

Emma C Jones, MA Email
Education Specialist

Katie Hobbing, PhD Email
Associate Director
(Admissions | Professional Development)

Roger T Worrell, PhD Email
Associate Director
(Capstone | Faculty Mentoring)