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Laryngeal Biomechanics 

Welcome to the Laryngeal Biomechanics Lab

Lab Researchers in Laryngeal-biomechanics

Using rocket science to study the human voice

The focus and uniqueness of our research group is the use of advance modeling and simulations techniques developed for aerospace engineering to study mechanisms in airway, speech, and voice disorders.

CARE/Crawley Building

Lab Researchers

Sid Khosla, MD
Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology
Director, University Voice and Swallowing Center
Co-Director, UC Voice Consortium
Phone: 513-558-5411

Effie Gutmark, PhD
Distinguished Professor
Aerospace Engineering & Engineering Mechanics
Co-Director, UC Voice Consortium
Phone: 513-556-1227

Liran Oren, PhD
Research Assistant Professor
Phone: 513-558-0073