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Department of Internal Medicine



Research Governance Commitee

The purpose of the Research Governance Committee (RGC) is to advise the Departmental Leadership on (research) priorities that support and advance research and innovation within the Department, and to continue to monitor and evaluate the progress with the goal of enhancing the DOIM’s status as a leading research department. To this end, the RGC will serve as a pool of highly qualified individuals with both experience and an interest in supporting research. 

The committee meets monthly. If you have a concern or issue, you would like the RGC to address, please contact your Divisional representative or email Yolanda Wess or Angela Duke

Research Conference

The Department of Internal Medicine hosts Research Conferences on a monthly basis. The Conferences are designed to be interactive, collaborative and valuable for the faculty, trainees, students and staff that attend, as well as the presenters. The conferences are held at 12 noon in MSB 6254. The hour-long session begins with a 15-minute time period of lunch and networking. This time is followed by a Junior or Senior Faculty or Trainee presentation of a research project or research idea. Lunch is provided.

Internal Medicine Funding Opportunities

The Department of Internal Medicine provides a number of internally supported funding opportunities for faculty and trainee investigators, consistent with our mission to improve health through innovative multidisciplinary research. Support is provided through Distinguished Research Achievement Award (DRAA), Jr and Sr. Pilot Awards, Collaborative Challenge Award, and Rehn Family Award Funding.

Academic Research Services

Contact Academic Research Services for biosketch templates, budget templates, and successful grant examples.