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Department of Internal Medicine

Academic Research Services


Grant Writing and Manuscript Review

Eric Smith and Emily Dobbs are available to assist with the grant writing needs of the Department of Internal Medicine. ARS is available to assist with grant writing in the form of:

  • Scientific review and writing
  • Editing
  • Producing biosketches, budgets, letters of intent, letters of support, etc
  • Grant organization
  • English as second language (ESL) review 
  • Producing an Individual Development Plan
  • Working with business administrators (BAs) and grant administrators (GAs) on proposal preparation
  • Referral to a biostatistician (no cost to members of the Department of Internal Medicine)
  • Referral to the College of Medicine's 60 day Grant Pre-Review Program

Please contact Eric Smith or Emily Dobbs as soon as you decide to submit a grant proposal. We consider all requests. For the most thorough review and editing, please contact us three weeks before your deadline. Be advised that most full proposals are due to your grant administrator no less than five business days before the official due date.

Other resources:

Finding Research Funding Opportunities

Emily Dobbs can assist members of the Department of Internal Medicine in grant matching. She can set up a personalized SPIN search at no cost and will send you updated grant matches as they become available.

Local funding opportunities include grants from: