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Medicine Pediatrics Residents Class of 2020

Tarun AuroraTarun Aurora:  Tarun came to us as an AOA and Gold Humanism awardee from the Medical College of Georgia.  His undergraduate degree is a BS from the Georgia Institute of Technology where he was Valedictorian of his class as well as the Alpha Eta Mu Beta Biomedical Engineering Honor Society.  Tarun’s research accomplishments include studying the effects of valvular composition on regurgitation in mechanical heart during his undergrad time. He then spent 2 years with the Emory informatics group determining the effective volume of resection for patients undergoing radical glioblastoma multiforme.  He entered medical school with the ideal he learned from his family, that “people born blessed should spend their life being a blessing to others.”   His outside interests include triathlon, long distance biking and running. He speaks Hindi.  We are thrilled that Tarun will bring his commitment to Cincinnati med-peds, where he will continue to use every opportunity to be a shining star!

Kathryn BeaulieuKathryn Beaulieu “Katie”: Katie came to Cincinnati from the University of Wisconsin where she took every opportunity to learn from rotations and her patients. She continued to travel, spending time in clinics in Ecuador and building on her Spanish fluency and previous trips to Costa Rica and Chile. She volunteered as an interpreter at the student-run free clinic. With a passion for education, she took many opportunities to teach and mentor during medical school. She spent time learning alongside two Native American tribes in Wisconsin, a population very dear to her heart. Between undergrad and medical school, Katie spent 2 years teaching middle school math and science with Teach for America on the Navajo Nation in New Mexico and taking graduate courses in Elementary Education. She is particularly proud of successfully coordinating two trips from the reservation to her hometown of Washington, DC with 30 students in tow! Katie’s undergraduate degree is a BA in Biology magna cum laude from St. Mary’s College of Maryland. Her hobbies include travel, cooking, yoga, and making ice cream. Her career interests are in medical education, primary care for underserved populations, and Global Health, to which she has already shown an impressive commitment. Katie brings kindness, enthusiasm and commitment to everything she undertakes and we are so fortunate to have someone of her depth and dedication join our med-peds family!

Julie Broderick GomezJulie Broderick Gomez:  Julie is AOA from our home medical school.  Julie did research with our Global Health section at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, developing a survey to assess graduates of global health tracks to determine how career choices are affected in participation in these tracks.  She has been working to increase the development of our Open School with recruitment efforts for this interprofessional organization as well as numerous other volunteer experiences.  During her undergraduate Julie also participated in research assessing parental perceptions of strengths and stressors which could be risk factors for future child abuse, also with Cincinnati Children’s at the Mayerson Center.  Julie has her undergraduate degree from Ohio State, a BS in Psychology and Spanish, magna cum laude.  She studied abroad in Spain as well.  Her hobbies include cooking, running, and gardening.  She speaks some Spanish. Her career interests include Global Health.  Julie’s bright and caring personality allow her to be a role model for excellence that helps us all be better at what we do!

Why I chose Cincinnati? First and foremost for the people. As a medical student at UCCOM I first learned about and was inspired to do med-peds because of the talented and engaging residents and faculty I worked with at Cincinnati Children's and University Hospital.  Secondly, the program itself has everything I was looking for- a strong med-peds presence in addition to well-balanced pediatric and medicine training, great leadership and communication between the departments, opportunities to work in global health and underserved populations, and all of this in a city that I love.  

Scott CallScott Call:  Scott came to us from the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine where he was received the Gold Humanism Honor Society award.  His undergraduate degree was in Government and Chemistry (a theme you will notice is that his interests are diverse and his talents even more so!) at William and Mary before doing a Master’s at Georgetown in Physiology.  As a medical student Scott did research in mass spectrometry based characterizations of human breast cancer cells to antiproliferative drugs at VA Tech in Blacksburg.  In between his educational endeavors Scott worked for a few years for the American Constitution Society as a Lawyer Chapter Assistant. In that role he helped organize events throughout the country that were intended to highlight salient legal questions under deliberation in state and federal courts.  Their mission is to “promote the vitality of the U.S. Constitution and the fundamental values it expresses: individual rights and liberties, genuine equality, access to justice, democracy and the rule of law”.  He managed to work as an EMT and medical scribe during his undergraduate time as well.  Scott’s hobbies include singing, playing piano and guitar, running, triathlons, and soccer.  He has run 16 marathons and counting, including the Boston Marathon during in 2013, luckily crossing the finish line before the bombs were detonated but which made a lasting impression on him.  His career interests are still undecided but given the amazing things he has already accomplished, we are thrilled to be part of his training.  He brings his admirable skills as a renaissance person, providing additional depth and clarity to the class of 2020 and med-peds in Cincinnati. 

Caitlyn KennyCaitlyn Kenny: Caitlyn came to Cincinnati AOA from Florida International University. While there she did research on how local hospitals were planning to phase in the guideline based use of oxygen saturations to screen for congenital heart disease. This Quality Improvement study gave her important insights into effective improvement interventions. She did many volunteer activities while in Miami including serving on the board of the Global Health Interest Group. Caitlyn received her undergraduate degree, a BS in Biology, from Salve Regina University in Newport RI. Between her undergraduate studies and entering medical school Caitlyn worked for the Dartmouth Medical Center’s Medical records department. Her hobbies include SCUBA diving, swimming, marine biology so we are hoping to interest her in some land based sports while she is here! In her education and career choices Caitlyn has always been about finding the road less travelled, with courage that is laudable and inspirational. We are looking forward to seeing her creativity and determination in action as she moves ahead in this next exciting chapter of her career!

Amanda RutishauserAmanda Rutishauser: Amanda came to us as an AOA and Gold humanism recipient from Michigan State University in Grand Rapids, where she is also earning a certificate in Inter-professional Education.  Amanda did her undergraduate degree, a BS in Microbiology and English, at the University of Michigan.  Between her undergraduate studies and entering medical school Amanda studied at Columbia, earning a Master’s degree in Narrative Medicine. She was able to teach in that role (directing “Introduction to narrative medicine”), as part of the LSA Honor Program at the University of Michigan (Course director for ‘Writing for the Win”), and maintained an educators role throughout medical school to spread the concepts of Narrative Medicine (Co-directing “The Language of Medicine”).  Narrative medicine might in part be described as aligning with Finding Meaning in Medicine, now popularized as an important tool and strategy for avoiding burnout and improving resilience.  Amanda did research on the changes in emotional intelligence of medical students as well as cardiotoxicity from breast cancer chemotherapy.  Amanda speaks some Czech and Russian.  Her hobbies include writing, cooking, camping, NOLA jazz and her canary Winston and her cat Teddy.  Her career interests remain broad but she is considering primary care.  As her biography so clearly demonstrates, Amanda is interested in the heart of medicine, and she brings this philosophical and thoughtful approach to inform her life.  We are so privileged to count her as one of the class of 2020!!

Why I chose Cincinnati?  I wanted to be part of an innovative approach to medical education and to join a community of people who are dedicated, caring and forward-thinking.  I'm excited to become a Cincinnati sports fan and to enjoy the beautiful city!


Allison SticklesAllison Stickles:  Allison came to us from the Oregon Health and Science University where she earned an MD-PhD in Chemical Biology and Parasitology.  She earned numerous awards including the infectious Disease Society of America Medical Scholars Award.  Her research was in part with the Malaria Clinical Trials Center in Seattle, where she worked on the discovery and characterization of single-dose antimalarials and antimalarial combination therapies.  This lead to 5 and counting publications on this subject, including 2 in which Allison is first author.  Allison also has a Masters in Science in Neuroscience from the University of Rochester School of Medicine.  The University of Rochester is where she earned her BS in Neuroscience and her BA in Psychology.  During her time in Rochester Allison did research on identifying neurological pathways in primates who were exposed to stress.  If you lost count of her degrees, Allison has 5 and counting!  She also speaks some Spanish and Portuguese.  Allison’s hobbies include martial arts, in which she has been training for a decade.  The styles included are kickboxing, karate, taekwondo, kajukenbo and kung fu and she holds a green belt in Wado Ryu karate and a purple belt in Kajukenbo/Kung Fu.   There are so many admirable accomplishments and traits that Allison embodies: as an inspirational and productive physician scientist, as a caring and vastly competent colleague and physician, and in her ability to kick some serious butt if all that were not enough!!!

Why I chose Cincinnati?  On the interview trail, Cincinnati was the only program that had everything I was looking for: strong training in both IM and peds, an immersive clinic, abundant international opportunities, and a truly supportive cohort of co-residents. Cincinnati Children's is known for its strong pediatrics program, and I loved the balance between bread and butter medicine and truly rare pediatric diseases. On the medicine side, I was struck by the level of innovation, and especially impressed by how the workshop-style academic half day was resident-designed to maximize both learning and teaching experience. The dedication to bedside rounds was a big draw on both sides, as was the fact that the combined clinic truly put residents in charge of their patient panel by emphasizing "on call" care, so that outpatient relationships weren't limited to one half day per week. As a future physician scientist interested in global health, the numerous international electives (both clinical and research-based) and the plethora of basic and translational science research at UC seemed like an ideal fit for my career interests. That being said, the residents were one of the greatest draws of this program. They were friendly, down-to-earth, and clearly invested in the future of UC med-peds. Even after a short meeting, it was easy to imagine them as part of my future med-peds family!

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