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Our Graduates!

As of July 2020, 171 physicians have graduated from our residency programs. Our graduates have pursued diverse career paths, including primary care, hospital medicine, subspecialty care, research, education, and global health. Over 90% of our graduates care for all ages in their eventual careers. Our graduates perform extremely well on certifying exams following graduation, with an over 95% board pass rate on the first attempt and an over 90% dual board certification rate. Roughly a quarter of our graduates have served as Chief Residents (both Med-Peds and categorical) upon finishing residency and over 95% of our graduates that pursue fellowship get their number one choice for additional training.

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Primary Care

Hospital Medicine



Class of 2020:

Kathryn Beaulieu

Julie Broderick Gomez

Caitlyn Kenny

Amanda Rutishauser

Class of 2019:

Leslie Applegate

Casey Hudson

Emily Neaville

Class of 2018:

Michael Jerkins

Class of 2017:

Anna Yan

Class of 2016:

Kim Ollinger

Class of 2015:

J David Bailey

Courtney Ohlinger

Elizabeth Lally

Class of 2014:
Scott Carlson

Mary McCarty

Class of 2013:

Meghan Markovich

Natalie Jacobs

John Tisdale (IHS)

Jessica Weeks (IHS)

Class of 2012:

Rachel Dickerson

Maggie Duck

Jessica Gillespie

Craig Gurney

Adam Houser

Abimbola Sokunbi

Class of 2011:

Sharice Wood

Class of 2010:

Kyle Kaufman

Joyce Lippe

Sapan Patel

Jonathan Tolentino (Med-Peds Program Director at University of Miami)

Class of 2009:

Varon Cantrell

Melissa Keene

Class of 2008:

Ryan Buchholz

Sarah Hambrook

Sara McCune

Alison Neff

Class of 2007:

Kimberly Deringer

Jennifer Ernst

Anne McCarthy

Heather Phillips

Class of 2006:

Cherrica Davis-Pulley

Benjamin Holloway

Alaba Robinson

Reed Van Deusen (Clinician Educator Fellowship; Assistant Dean for Human-Based Simulation Education at UPitt)

Class of 2005:

Daniel Jonas (Primary Care Research)

Katheryn Kermode

James Keffer

David Sapp

Amy Van Milligan


Class of 2004:

Tamiko Kido

Gina Dudley (Moore)

Michael Nelson


Class of 2003:

Megan Conoley

Elizabeth Doyle

Stephen Russell

Tim Rutkoski


Class of 2002:

Angela Fitch (Obesity Medicine)

Stephen Wilson

Robert Wolterman

David Yehl


Class of 2001:

C. Jeffrey Burgher

Tiffiny Diers

Alanna Lee

Chris McDaniels

Donald Price


Class of 2000:

Christine Burrows

Curtis Dorsch

Matthew Hardin

Matthew King

Jon Minzner

Pam Pilger

Carolyn Sherman

Elisabeth Ware


Class of 1999:

Cheryl Buck-Patterson

David DeLaet (GIM Fellow)

Russ Kolarik (Med-Peds PD at Greenville Health System)

Michael Yi


Class of 1998:

Michael Benedict

Greta Branford

Nancy Huang Riley

Rupal (Mehta) Chiniwala

Julie Raekes

Eric Wurst


Class of 1997:

Robert Fitz

William Flannery

Allen Friedland (Med-Peds PD at Christiana Care)


Class of 1996:

Christine Wallace (Gregory)

Joseph Hartig

Thomas Webb


Class of 1995:

Joseph Barrocas


Class of 1994:

Caroline Mueller

Class of 2020:

Allison Stickles


Class of 2019:

Kelly Grannan

Jonathan Janiczek

Jesse Rhodes


Class of 2018:

Merranda Holmes

Brian May

Matthew Newcomb


Class of 2017:

Alicia Caldwell

Jessica Fuller

Timothy Lee


Class of 2016:

Rafael Favela, IV

Danielle Weber


Class of 2015:

Dale “Bo” Stapler

Lindsay Young


Class of 2014:

Erin Conway

Ernest Fischer

Matthew Kelleher


Class of 2013:

Benjamin Kinnear (Med-Peds APD at UC/CCHMC)


Class of 2011:

Mark Foreman

Cheryl Lee

David Lee


Class of 2010:

Courtney Edgar


Class of 2009:

Kathryn O’Connell

Ben Lamphere


Class of 2007:

Steven Hart

Jennifer O’Toole (Med-Peds Program Director at UC/CCHMC)


Class of 2004:

Seong Noh

Alka Patel


Class of 2002:

Farzin Foruhari

Donald Williams


Class of 2020:

Tarun Aurora (Pediatric Heme/Onc)


Class of 2019:

Wesley Dutton (Obesity Medicine)


Class of 2018:

Sarah Ehrman (Palliative Care)

Edwin Palmer (Global Health)


Class of 2017:

Devon Carr (Sports Medicine)

Monique Jindal (General Academics)

Hilary Miller-Handley (Combined Infectious Disease)


Class of 2016:

Stephanie Dixon (Pediatric Heme/Onc)

Cassie Grimsley-Ackerly (Combined Infectious Disease)

Ashley Jenkins (Combined Hospital Medicine)

Sherri Smart (Pediatric Heme/Onc)


Class of 2015:

Rachel Bensman (Peds ED and Global Health)


Class of 2014:

Katherine Clarridge (Allergy/Immunology)

Jordan Shapiro (Adult Gastroenterology)


Class of 2013:

David Jackson (CDC EIS)

Anju Singhal (Adult Pulmonology)


Class of 2012:

Adam Lubert (Cardiology, ACHD)


Class of 2011:

Corey Cudzilo (Adult Pulmonology)

Jennifer Huang (Pediatric Cardiology)

Abigail Nye (Transition Medicine)


Class of 2010:

Nicole Brown (Cardiology, ACHD)


Class of 2009:

Bryce Ferguson (Adult Pulmonology)

Malia Ray (Pediatric Pulmonology, Lifestyle Medicine)

Darcey Thornton (Adolescent Medicine)


Class of 2008:

Aaron Kay (Cardiology, ACHD)

Douglas Lotz (Allergy)

Vivien Sheehan (Pediatric Heme/Onc)


Class of 2007:

Mark Norris (Cardiology, ACHD)


Class of 2006:

Amanda Levin (Pediatric Critical Care)

Sarah Corathers (Combined Endocrinology)


Class of 2005:

Bradley Eilerman (Adult Endocrinology)

Jennifer Hillman (Adolescent Medicine)


Class of 2004:

Renata Arrington-Sanders (Adolescent Medicine)

Kala Kamdar (Pediatric Heme/Onc)


Class of 2003:

Robert Blount (Combined Pulmonology)

James Davis (Adult Nephrology)

Dawn Smiley-Byrd (Adult Endocrinology)


Class of 2000:

Scott Frede (Sleep Medicine)


Class of 1997:

Corrine Lehmann (Adolescent Medicine)


Class of 1996:

Teresa Andreone (Pediatric Critical Care)

Class of 2020:

Scott Call (Med-Peds Chief Resident)


Class of 2011:

Dawn Osterholt (U.S. Department of State Regional Medical Officer)


Class of 2010:

Sarah Schmidt (deceased)


Class of 2001:

Viet Nguyen (Clinical Informatacist)


Class of 2000:

Joseph Johnston III (Medical Fellow, Global Health Outcomes at Eli Lilly)


Class of 1998:

Joseph Mrus (Medical Director of US Medical & Strategic Operations at ViiV Healthcare)

Howard Sobel (WHO)


Class of 1997:

Chad Brands (Senior Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs and Associate Dean of GME at Liberty University College of Osteopathic Medicine)

Cynthia Ledford (Associate Dean of Undergraduate Clinical Education at OUWB)


Class of 1996:

Kevin Kilpatrick (U.S. Department of State)


Class of 1995:

Phuong Le (China Medical Board)



More Information

For more information on the Medicine-Pediatrics Residency Program, please contact us at:

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