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Educational Conferences

In Cincinnati, we are all about education!!   What does this mean for you as our resident?

From a med-peds standpoint we have 2 weekly conferences.  Our Tuesday noon conference is attended by most of our residents and faculty.  If you come visit us you will see this is our time to connect, and the conferences are very interactive.  As a resident it is also the perfect environment to hone your presentation skills, and we use it to provide formative feedback to help you do this.

We also have a pre-clinic conference.  The subject matter is provided by our wonderful chiefs, but again the residents take turns leading the discussion every week.  This ownership keeps everyone engaged.  And it is a great time to hang our with your clinic partnership!

The med-peds residents do a physical exam training workshop with a senior clinician to teach you the pearls of physical exam and address any gaps you want to fill in your exam skills!

What about the categorical programs?  There are too many conferences to attend everything but a few gems deserve special mention. You can learn more about the conference schedules by visiting the websites of our pediatric and internal medicine residencies. 

You are a member of the team-based learning groups in Internal Medicine Academic Half-Day, where the philosophy is “you learn what you do”.  This includes interleaving, writing your own questions and flashcards, and using an interactive platform to access and store your learning materials.  These strategies use all the most up to ate evidence-based strategies for learning.  

For both Internal Medicine and Pediatrics there are traditional resident driven conferences where challenging clinical cases are reviewed. There are also grand rounds and firms, where you work as a group to find diagnoses.  There are workshops on evidence based medicine, clinical reasoning and quality improvement. 

Both departments also host many conferences and workshops on special topics like acute care and primary care updates and board study. 

We also have lots of simulation training to advance your learning in lots of different settings.  This educational philosophy embraces the growth mindset literature: you learn most effectively by making mistakes and learning from them.

Want to attend a regional or national meeting?  You do have book and travel money to use!

And if you are really passionate about this, you can even join the Medical Education Pathway to learn more about learning and teaching!!


Board Preparation

You becoming the best doctor you can be is the goal of our residency.  A necessary component of this goal is that you become a dually boarded Internist-Pediatrician. 

So how do we rate?  Nationally about 75% of med-peds residents who complete training will become dually boarded.  Close to 95% of our Cincinnati med-peds graduates are dually boarded.  Our winning strategy?  First and foremost, we help you individualize your study strategy.  We also help you find and address your gaps.  During the 10,000 hours of residency (average 50 hours per week for 48 weeks for 4 years), we know you will get a mountain of clinical experiences.  We work hard to supplement this with conferences, workshops and other interactive learning experiences.  We purchase membership to the AAP and well as MKSAP ACP learning resources for our residents which you can use to help your study strategy. 

We use a dashboard based on exam data to help you assess where you are and what your risks are, and where you should be.  We meet with you to review this data, and we give you national and class-based data as well.  Everyone is unique in their learning needs and our job is to be sure that you have the best strategy for you!


More Information

For more information on the Medicine-Pediatrics Residency Program, please contact us at:

Medicine-Pediatrics Residency Program
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231 Albert Sabin Way
Mail Location 0535
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Phone: 513-584-0397
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Program Director:
Jennifer K. O’Toole, MD, MEd, SFHM
Associate Professor of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics

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