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Becoming a Self-Directed Learner

Our 2016-2018 American Board of Internal Medicine Pass Rate is 100%. How did we do it?

Research shows that about 80% of what you learn during a given presentation is gone by 1 week, and nearly 100% is gone in 1 year unless you do something with the information.

The forgetting curve is not kind, but there are strategies to combat it.

One of our primary goals for you is that you leave our residency having developed habits of effective self-directed learning.

What will motivate you once medical school and shelf exams are over? What will be your plan now that you no longer have large chunks of time for studying?

Our goal at the University of Cincinnati is to help every resident be become true life-long learner. Evidence shows this occurs through goal setting, developing intrinsic motivation, creating space for reflection, and taking full advantage of cognitive science principles that are proven for effective learning.

There are many wonderful resources to learn Internal Medicine. We provide money for MKSAP and we will encourage you to frequently test yourself.

Cognitive science has shown over and over that you retain information best when you force yourself to retrieve the information (multiple choice questions, flashcards, teaching others, etc.) and when you repeat this process over and over (distributed practice).

Our residency is devoted to helping you (through our coaching program) not only pass the boards but also become the kind of clinician that continues to learn forever.

If you’re interested more in how we think about learning you can check out this fantastic book.



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