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Department of Internal Medicine

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Residency Website -- Inside the Silver Fridge

Residents create and maintain their own website for learning named after the beloved Silver Fridge that brings sustenance and comfort to so many.

Click on the links below to review a terrific set of tools.   

Academic Half Day  -- learning materials available for residents and students

Noon Report -- a recap of the week's noon report learning points

Chiefs Corner -- a concise review of a topic by the chief residents

Dr. Warm's Learning Corner -- a weekly blog on the process of learning medicine

EKG Reading Tutorials -- get inside the mind of a cardiologist reading an EKG

Shout Outs -- residents and faculty 'shout out' colleagues for their amazing contributions to learning and care

Instagram Page -- see what residents do in their natural habitats

Medical Trivia -- weekly contest to test your knowledge!

Silver Fridge

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Liz Bauke