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Residency Programs

What We're Working On Now

We're always innovating and we'd like you to join us. Here is a listing of some of things we're working on now (we collaborate on all projects – lead authors listed only):

What do faculty think about when they are entrusting residents with clinical skills? Dr. Kelleher

What happens if we take our assessment system and give it to another hospital? Dr. Warm

What is the best way to train residents in procedures? Dr. Sall

What can we do about gender bias in assessment? Dr. Weber

How can we determine resident performance by looking at the electronic medical record? Dr. Schumacher

What in the applicant file predicts performance? Dr. Sharma (resident) with Dr. Warm

What is the best way to create a dashboard of performance for residents? Dr. Schauer

What is the best way to coach residents for progression towards mastery? Dr. Kinnear


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Liz Bauke