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Monthly Experiential Learning Tests

Most people think the most effective way to learn is to study, study, study, test. However, new research suggests the best path to long term retention of information is stud, test, test, test.

We have rebuilt our curriculum from the ground up around these principles: testing (what do you know, and how well do you know it), spacing (seeing the same things over time), and interleaving (seeing different things at the same time).

Long Block Board Review Course

During the Long Block year, our board review program consists of ten 30-40-question board-like examinations created by our faculty. Each exam is followed by a discussion session that focuses on your medical knowledge and testing technique.

Our goal is to help you improve your knowledge across a wide spectrum of internal medicine topics and improve your performance on the Internal Medicine In-Training Examination (ITE) and the American Board of Internal Medicine Certification Examination (ABIM-CE).

Since starting this program our residents' average individual ITE scores have increased significantly (see chart below -- our most recent 3rd year class scored in the 89th percentile as a group) and we are one of the only residencies in the country where the Internal Medicine and Medicine Pediatrics American Board of Internal Medicine Pass Rates are 100% over the past three years.

University of Cincinnati Internal Medicine Residency ITE performance 2001-18


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