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Welcome From the Chief Residents

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(L to R) Gene Novikov, Leslie Applegate, Reza Ghoorkhanian, Brendan Collins, Natalie Hood, Wesley Dutton

Welcome From the Chief Residents

We are very proud to welcome you to University of Cincinnati’s Internal Medicine Residency and tell you about our unique program!  As you explore our website, many questions will be answered with regards to details of our training and education.  The part that may not be as evident until coming to visit us is the culture that permeates the residency we are lucky to have been a part of and now help run as chiefs. 

The foundation of our program is made up of a strong dedication to excellent patient care, to innovation in teaching, and to each other.  We have a culture of seeking out resident feedback and using this to improve each aspect of the program.  Because we ask residents for detailed feedback often, everyone is personally involved in the residency and is enthusiastic about its improvement.  As such, the sense of comradery here is palpable, and it creates a unique learning environment in which residents are invested in each other.  Residency can be a difficult time, but when surrounded by people who want to see everyone succeed, it changes the dynamic and makes it where coming to work no longer becomes an onerous task but a joy.  Our residents have a closeness none of us found while searching across the country for the right fit, and this is why we all decided to be chiefs.  

The choice in residency program is not as simple as it may appear.  One must consider curriculum, location, reputation however, there is an equally important, often more obscure curriculum including the style and culture of practice underlying each residency. These subtle lessons learned during training shape a person for the rest of his or her career.  Within the Internal Medicine Residency Program at the University of Cincinnati, we believe we have something special and feel strongly about sharing this with applicants.  Daily, we see our residents learning, teaching, and caring for patients; and we could not be happier watching them develop into the physicians they will be for years to come.  We hope to meet you and show you what we are all about!


Applegate_Leslie  white coat

Leslie Applegate, MD
Chief, Ambulatory
Hometown: Lexington, KY
Medical School: University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, OH
Career Plans: Internal Medicine & Pediatrics Primary Care

What was your favorite part of residency? 
There are so many things to love about residency here in Cincinnati. The city is wonderful with so many things to do in your free time. The program is amazing and strives to promote maximal growth. The faculty are so supportive and really take mentorship and coaching seriously. The interactions with patients are so rewarding. However, my absolute favorite part of residency was the relationships that I developed with my co-residents. There is a true comradery among the residents here are Cincinnati, which makes coming to work so much fun. I also loved spending time with these friends outside of the hospital to visit a local brewery, or have a low-key game night at home. They’re lifelong friends that you can still find me hanging out with!


Brendan Collins, DO
Chief, UCMC Interns
Hometown: Binghamton, NY
Medical School: Midwestern University Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine, IL
Career Plans: General Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology

What do you love most about the city of Cincinnati?
Not being originally from Cincinnati I didn't know what to expect. What I found was a unique city with an overwhelming amount and variety of things to do including athletics, arts, restaurants and  great outdoor experiences. Whatever one is interested it is easy to find something new and exciting to do. I also found amazing people working and living in the area. More specifically the people that I meet at UCMC each day are exceptional human beings who make day to day life more enjoyable and give added meaning to our work.  


Wesley Dutton, MD
Chief, Medicine-Pediatrics
Hometown: Memphis, TN
Medical School: University of Tennessee Health Science Center-Memphis, TN
Career Plans: Internal Medicine and Pediatric Primary Care

What do you love most about the city of Cincinnati?

Cincinnati has many amenities that are only found in much larger cities while maintaining a lower than average cost of living.  Cincinnati has an extensive park system with acres of greenspaces strategically placed throughout the city. You can enjoy panamoic views on the trails at Ault Park, listen to music in Washington Park, ride or run the Loveland Trail, or view the galleries and gardens at Eden Park which is home to the Cincinnati Art Museum and Krohn Conservatory. It is home to the Cincinnati Reds, Cincinnati Bengals, and FC Cincinnati. The city really rallies behind these teams. The Cincinnati Zoo has been ranked The Best Zoo in North America, and the affordable annual membership makes it even better.  Several of our local breweries frequently win national awards and continue to push the mark. I love having the ability enjoy these all of these offerings with my family and friends.


Reza Ghoorkhanian, MD
Chief, Quality & Patient Safety, VAMC
Hometown: Dublin, OH
Medical School: University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, OH
Career Plans: General Internal Medicine

What was the most unexpected part of residency?
The strong friendships and camaraderie that form while working long and at times stressful hours together is amazing. The people around you not only make the 3 years of residency tolerable, but enjoyable and something you will miss once it is over. This is not something I had expected. Also unexpected was how much I learned about the “art” of medicine. Patient care will inevitably lead to difficult situations.  When those times come, pay attention to those clinicians who seem to say exactly the right thing at the right time. This is a skill we can learn. Someday you can be the one who says exactly the right thing at the right time to a patient and their family. 


Natalie Hood, MD
Chief, UCMC Seniors
Hometown: Stow, OH
Medical School: University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, OH
Career Plans: Palliative/Hospitalist

What was the most unexpected part of residency?
How quickly it ended! Residency was the greatest time period of my life. It changed me in so many important ways. During residency, I grew into a stronger, wiser, and more fulfilled version of myself. When I started my residency search, I was hoping to find my "framily" and I knew during my interview dinner that UC was my home. I could immediately sense the camaraderie. I gained such amazing life-long friends in my crazy co-residents. Together we learned how to be exceptional physicians and terrible karaoke singers. I wouldn't trade the experience I found for anything.


Gene Novikov, MD
Chief, VAMC
Hometown: Columbus, OH
Medical School: University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, OH
Career Plans: Academic Hospitalist

What do you love most about the city of Cincinnati?
I went to college in New York City and when I came to UCCOM for medical school, I must've been the quintessential post-NYC early-twenties terror, but as I've lived here, this has become one of my favorite cities.  The architecture in Over-The-Rhine is beautiful, there is nature all about, and culture - the Cincy Shakespeare Theater is great.  Cincinnati has changed dramatically since I came here and the momentum is palpable.  It is a wonderful feeling being part of such dramatic growth.  If I had to boil everything I like about Cincinnati, it would be that you get the feeling of being in a large city and a small town, which is a rare feat.


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