Today is Tuesday, Aug. 4, 2020

Department of Internal Medicine

Immunology, Allergy and Rheumatology



Photo of John Beary III, MD

John Beary III, MD

Professor - Clin Aff

Photo of David Bernstein, M D

David Bernstein, M D

Emeritus - COM

Photo of Jonathan Bernstein, MD

Jonathan Bernstein, MD

Professor - Adj COM

Photo of Christine Chhakchhuak

Christine Chhakchhuak

Asst Professor - Adj COM

Photo of Tolly Epstein, MD

Tolly Epstein, MD

Asst Professor - Adj

Photo of Yolanda Farhey, MD

Yolanda Farhey, MD

Professor - Clin

Photo of Fred Finkelman, MD

Fred Finkelman, MD

Professor - Emeritus

Photo of Gaurav Gulati, MD

Gaurav Gulati, MD

Asst Professor - Clin

Photo of Surabhi Khanna, MD

Surabhi Khanna, MD

Asst Professor - Adj COM

Photo of Marat Khodoun, PhD

Marat Khodoun, PhD

Asst Professor - Research

Photo of Michael Luggen, MD

Michael Luggen, MD

Professor - Emeritus COM

Photo of Christopher McKnight, M D

Christopher McKnight, M D

Instructor - Adj COM

Photo of Rina Mina, M D

Rina Mina, M D

Asst Professor - Adj COM

Photo of Suzanne Morris, PhD

Suzanne Morris, PhD

Assoc Professor - Research

Photo of Emily Muntel, M.D.

Emily Muntel, M.D.

Physician - COM

Photo of William Ridgway, MD

William Ridgway, MD

Professor - Adj

Photo of Kristin Schmidlin

Kristin Schmidlin

Asst Professor - Adj Aff

Photo of Wenhai Shao, Ph.D.

Wenhai Shao, Ph.D.

Asst Professor

Photo of Nabeela Siddiqi, MD

Nabeela Siddiqi, MD

Asst Professor - Adj COM

Photo of Priyanka Vashisht

Priyanka Vashisht

Asst Professor - Adj COM

Photo of Manuel Vilareal, MD

Manuel Vilareal, MD

Assoc Professor - Clin Aff