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Digestive Diseases

Aimes, Visions and Values

Aimes, Visions and Values of the Gastroenterology Fellowship Program, University of Cincinnati

Through the power of Academic Medicine, we strive to advance scientific discovery and transform the delivery of the most modern patient care. We support the aims of healing and reduced suffering for our patients and their families with the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic options available. Our aim is to provide our trainees with a program which allows them to becomes consummate professionals, strong academic leaders and caring and empathetic physicians.

Our goal is to provide an education for our Fellows that is expansive, creative, challenging, rewarding and honest work. It should be a memorable and meaningful part of their medical education. Supervised, hands on training is the underlying aim of our program. Responsibility is graded and progressive at all levels of education. Our educational environment is personalized, balanced and respectful. We recognize the individual needs of each trainee and we build our program to support their personal and professional growth. Our educational premise is based on honesty and transparency at each year of training.

We strive to have a diverse and inclusive group of trainees and faculty. We do not discriminate regarding geography, race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual identity or financial status. We believe that diversity and inclusivity promote growth and creativity. Our aim to provide the most comprehensive and dynamic learning environment is supported by the diversity of trainees and faculty.

The Fellowship in Gastroenterology supports our sponsoring institutions values of: Patients and Family First, Respect, Integrity, Inclusivity, Discovery and Empathy.

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Fellowship Office:
University of Cincinnati | Division of Digestive Diseases
231 Albert Sabin Way, MSB 7262
Cincinnati, OH 45267-0595

Program Director:
Gail L. Bongiovanni 
Phone: 513-558-5588
Fax: 513-558-1744

Program Coordinator:
Lisa Latham
Phone: 513-558-5588
Fax: 513-558-6013

More Information

Academic Office:
University of Cincinnati | Division of Digestive Diseases
231 Albert Sabin Way, ML 0595
Cincinnati, OH 45267-0595
Phone: 513 -558-5244
Fax: 513-558-1744

Division Director:
Kenneth Sherman, MD, PhD

Business Administrator:
Jeff Becker