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Department of Internal Medicine

Cardiovascular Health and Disease

Conference Schedules

Fellows actively participate in weekly conferences. Core curriculum lectures occur throughout the year covering all major topics in cardiovascular disease.

During the first two months of each academic year, a basic introduction to fellowship lecture series is conducted to help orient the new fellows and prepare them for issues routinely encountered on call.

Conferences are an important part of the fellowship curriculum. All fellows are expected to attend each conference unless prohibited by emergency clinical duties. An attendance sheet is provided for each conference, and participation in at least 80 percent of required conferences is expected.

Compliance with conference attendance will be reviewed prior to granting educational leave for national conferences.

Introductory Core Curriculum Lectures

In July and August of each year, a series of Introductory Core Curriculum Lectures are given which cover a wide variety of cardiovascular topics expected to confront first-year fellows early in their training. The lectures provide a foundation for new fellows to build upon as they move through the various clinical and procedure-related rotations and to help fellows prepare for common issues that arise while on call. 

A number of these conferences involve refresher sessions and hands-on training in activities that may need to be performed when on call (e.g., physical examination, ECG interpretation, EP device interrogation, right heart catheterization, transthoracic echocardiography, intra-aortic balloon pump troubleshooting, etc).

An introduction to echocardiography is covered in a series of didactic sessions on echocardiography basics. Introductory cardiac cath lab sessions cover radiation safety, the basics of left heart catheterization, coronary angiography and invasive hemodynamics. A variety of additional basic topics are covered, such as proper coding and billing and organ procurement for cardiac transplantation.

Electrophysiology Conference

The Electrophysiology Core Curriculum Conference is conducted by the electrophysiology faculty and covers all areas of cardiac electrophysiology. Emphasis is placed on management of cardiac dysrhythmias, interpreting intracardiac electrocardiograms and basic device troubleshooting/interrogation/management.

Journal Club

The Journal Club provides a forum to assist fellows in learning to critically assess the literature and to facilitate the practice of evidence-based medicine. The articles reviewed are selected by the assigned fellow, in conjunction with the attending preceptor, and usually cover emerging or controversial topics in cardiovascular disease.

Echo Case Conference

The Echo Case Conference covers the full range of cardiology topics as applied to echocardiography. This is accomplished via the interactive review of representative echocardiograms.  Emphasis is placed on echo interpretation, understanding Doppler techniques and Doppler hemodynamics, limitations of echo and quality assurance. Transesophageal and stress echo techniques and potential complications are also discussed.

Nuclear Correlation Conference

The Nuclear/Cath Correlation Conference takes place twice each month and is a combined conference conducted with the hospital’s nuclear medicine department. Nuclear cardiac perfusion imaging studies are reviewed and the findings compared with the results found during coronary angiography. Note that separate lectures are given throughout the year by the nuclear medicine department to meet the didactic requirements for nuclear cardiology certification.

Research Conference

The Research Conference takes place once a month and provides a forum for both faculty members and fellows to present updates on current research activities.

Internal Medicine Grand Rounds

Internal Medicine Grand Rounds occurs weekly and provides continuing medical education credit for faculty. Internal medicine faculty and invited guest speakers present to the entire department and its subspecialty divisions on a wide variety of topics across all specialties. All fellows are encouraged to attend.

Cincinnati VA Core Curriculum Conference

The Cincinnati VA Core Curriculum Conference is a weekly conference that provides a forum to build a knowledge foundation in the basics of cardiovascular diseases for first year fellows. This conference focuses on review of the most recent versions of the ACC/AHA Practice Management Guidelines and landmark trials relative to care of the cardiac patient. An ECG Board Review session is held on average once a month. During these sessions, fellows practice ECG interpretation using the coding sheet required for the cardiovascular diseases board examination. Attendance is required for all first year fellows, except when on UH CCU.

Cardiovascular Diseases Division Grand Rounds

Cardiovascular Diseases Division Grand Rounds provides a forum for cardiology faculty members and fellows, as well as invited guest speakers, to provide updates and reviews of major topics in cardiovascular disease.

M&M Conference

The M&M Conference is provided to review all deaths and adverse outcomes that occur on the CCU service. This conference will be given by the CCU fellow during the month following his/her CCU rotation, and the CCU attending responsible for the specific patient will supervise the case discussion. All studies pertinent to the patients' management will be reviewed, and input from the associated lab faculty members will be solicited. This conference is expected to be interactive and may involve multiple participants.

Preventive Cardiovascular Medicine Conference

The Preventive Cardiovascular Medicine Conference covers the elements contained in the cardiovascular prevention section of COCATS 3. The topics are presented by fellows under faculty supervision and consist of literature reviews frequently utilizing recently released studies.

Cath Lab Clinical Case Conference

The Cath Lab Clinical Case Conference provides a forum to discuss clinical management issues related to patients referred for cardiac catheterization.  Cases from the UC Medical Center and Cincinnati VA cath labs will be presented by fellows who have recently rotated through one of the labs. 

Board Review

Board Review consists of practicing board-type questions and informal "chalk talks" on commonly tested board topics.  Focus is placed on outcomes of the ACC fellows in-service exam administered the fall of every academic year.

MRI Conference

The Cardiac MRI Conference provides instruction in cardiac CT and MRI techniques is provided and clinical cases are reviewed.

Core Lecture Series

In addition to the conferences given during the first two months of the academic year which focus on the basic cardiology knowledge and skills required by new first-year fellows, a comprehensive cardiology core curriculum is covered during the listed weekly conferences on a rotating two to three-year cycle.

This curriculum is intended to provide instruction in all major cardiology topics at least once every two years.

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