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Center for Integrative Health and Wellness

Mind-Body Skills Program

With past support from the UC Provost’s office, Interact for Health, and the 1440 Foundation, the Center for Integrative Health and Wellness has provided mind-body skills programming for UC faculty, staff, and students across the Colleges of Medicine, Allied Health, Pharmacy, Nursing, CCM, DAAP, CECH, Arts & Sciences, Law and UC Blue Ash.

Modeled from a program implemented at Georgetown University, the UC Mind-Body Skills Program aims to proactively address mental and emotional health in students, faculty and staff. A focus on preventive self-care techniques and mindfulness training gives participants tools to manage stress and find balance, ultimately creating a more efficient and effective working and learning environment.

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Program Components

Mind-Body Resources

April 2020 Virtual Skills for Resilience in Times of Change Course

Join us via WebEx every Tuesday & Thursday at 2 p.m. or Fridays at 10 a.m. for a 30 minute teacher-led relaxation practice.

Audio Recordings

Tracks (MP3) of meditations from the mind-body program, guided by Dr. Sian Cotton


Scientific Evidence

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