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Center for Integrative Health and Wellness

Faculty Wellness at the College of Medicine

The UC Center for Integrative Health and Wellness offers faculty from across the university a variety of training and continuing education oppotunities for self-care and to help prevent burnout.

Wellness Resources for UC-COM Faculty

CET&L Mindfulness in Teaching Faculty Learning Community

JUNE 9, 2020, NOON - Resilient Leadership - Professional Development Workshop via WebEx. Email to register or you can use UC Faculty One Stop. WebEx instructions are found on Faculty One Stop. All faculty development workshops are recorded and posted online at .

Faculty Development Mind-Body Skills Training at UC

This faculty development opportunity is offered at no cost to 10 UC faculty. The only requirement is to commit to attending every group meeting. The group generally meets for 9 weeks on in the evenings in CARE/Crawley with two faculty co-facilitators.

Participants will learn various Mind-Body skills, practice them and discuss their experiences with members of the small group. There will be opportunities for individual attention and instruction, as well as group sharing and discussion.

For more information email Jen Molano

Faculty Facilitator Mind-Body Skills Off-site Training Retreats

Adapted from a program implemented via the Institute for Integrative Health, Educating for Enhanced Self-Awareness and Self-Care: An Experiential Training in Mind-Body Medicine, faculty from UC are trained in mind-body skills by internationally-recognized experts to be able to lead student courses at their home institution.

During the immersive three-day retreat, participants practice mind-body approaches, such as meditation, journaling, biofeedback and yoga to realize the benefits (manage stress, foster well-being, among others) through personal experience. Lectures ground the practices in neuroscience and physiology, while experiential sessions demonstrate how to lead mind-body skills groups. Faculty leave with the necessary training, tools, materials, and strategic thinking to help them implement student courses.

Following the retreat, the Mind-Body Skills Program Coordinator supports faculty by aiding in student course scheduling, providing course materials and supplies, and convening monthly faculty connection meetings.

Training Specifics

  • 3-day off-site retreat
  • Open to 10 trainees per retreat
  • Open to faculty/staff from all colleges across UC
  • 2 retreats planned per year

Participate or Learn More

If you are interested in participating, please email Susie McDonald or visit our registration site.

City Silence Meditation

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