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Center for Integrative Health and Wellness

Research Priorities

As a leader in the field of integrative care, UC’s Center for Integrative Health and Wellness  is involved in several federally-funded research projects. We are currently investigating mind-body and food-as-medicine interventions.  

Priorities Include:

  • Conducting comparative effectiveness studies
  • Comparing integrative care models to usual care
  • Examining sustainable models of integrative care
  • Building academic and community research partnerships

Current Projects (Updated Jan. 2020)

  1. Mind-Body Skills Program: 9-week 2-hours/week experiential course that provides students, faculty, and staff with self-care and reflection skills combined with group support to adaptively deal with stressors and build resilience. Faculty and staff facilitators are trained to lead groups during a 3-day immersive, experiential retreat. This course has faculty/staff trained in 10 Colleges at UC, such as Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Allied Health, Law, DAAP, CCM, and the Blue Ash campus.
  2. Mindful Stress Reduction at the Free Store Food Bank Cincinnati COOKS! Program: 6-week group stress reduction program modified from the evidence-based Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program for an under-resourced population, which is Cincinnati COOKS, a second-chance job training program offered through the Free Store Food Bank.
  3. College of Medicine Student Wellness Assessment: Annual assessment of all College of Medicine students.

    To develop and test a cross-institutional standard evaluation for student emotional and mental well-being

  4. Build it Bites: BUILD-IT-BITES workshops created at Cincinnati Children’s by Dr Carina Braeutigam combines hands on teaching kitchen practices with mindfulness to avoid overall malnutrition and create positive culinary experiences for young children/adolescents with cancer and their families.
  5. Parkinson’s wellness program: To promote wellness through the prevention and treatment of Parkinson’s disease with lifestyle and behavioral approaches including nutrition, physical activity, stress reduction and connectivity, and evidence-based integrative therapies.


Faculty Scholarly Activity

For individual affiliated faculty research areas, priorities and activity, please visit our Faculty Page and click on a selected profile for research information.

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Current and previous funding sources include National Institute of Child Health and Development, National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Cincinnati Veteran Affairs Medical Center, and foundation grants. 


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