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Heather Christensen

  • B.A.: The College of Wooster
  • Ph.D.: The University of Cincinnati
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Peer Reviewed Publications

Christensen, HR and Rasmussen AW 2017. Writing to learn in the natural sciences: does source material matter? The Journal of College and Science Teaching, 47 1, 57

Christensen, Heather R; Murawsky, Michael K; Horseman, Nelson D; Willson, Tara A; Gregerson, Karen A 2013. Completely humanizing prolactin rescues infertility in prolactin knockout mice and leads to human prolactin expression in extrapituitary mouse tissues. Endocrinology, 154 12, 4777-89

Christensen, Heather R; Zeng, Qinghua; Murawsky, Michael K; Gregerson, Karen A 2011. Estrogen regulation of the dopamine-activated GIRK channel in pituitary lactotrophs: implications for regulation of prolactin release during the estrous cycle. American journal of physiology. Regulatory, integrative and comparative physiology, 301 3, R746-56