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Center for Integrative Health and Wellness

Certificate in Integrative Health and Wellness

Undergraduate Certificate in Integrative Health and Wellness offered by the College of Medicine, Center for Integrative Health and Wellness

The Undergraduate Integrative Health and Wellness Certificate will enable students to become more active in their own healthcare and that of their community to focus more on health prevention and promotion and less so on disease or sick care.  This certificate will help interdisciplinary students across a wide spectrum of fields to become collaborative and transformative practitioners, educators and/or patients that focus on the use of integrative and complementary health approaches to achieve optimal health. 

This 15 credit hour certificate will provide a solid introductory background for students to the concepts and evidence-base of integrative health concepts and therapies in the broad concept of improving personal and community wellness.   Students will be from a variety of health-related and non-health programs, and will be able to apply these concepts at a level appropriate and useful to them.  The focus will be on introducing concepts, understanding the relevant scientific evidence-base, and learning applicability to improve personal and community wellness.

Courses in Certificate Program

  • MEDS 2087: (3) Fundamentals of Integrative Health and Medicine           
  • MEDS 2088: (3) Science and Practice of Mind Body Medicine     
  • NUTR1030: (3) Personal Nutrition
  • HLSC 3031: (3) General Exercise Physiology         
  • PSYC 2013: (3) Positive Psychology          

 For more information, contact Kelly Lyle.

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