Today is Saturday, May. 8, 2021

Graduate Education

Coronavirus Emergency Plan

Graduate Students

Course Instructors

Thesis and dissertation defenses/qualifying exams/committee meetings

  • The strong recommendation is that these various types of face-to-face meeting be held remotely if at all possible. It is expected that the Chair of such committees be responsible for arranging this in advance so that all participants are aware of the means by which the meeting will take place
  • Guidelines for how to accomplish this are best left to the committee chair – there are a variety of web conferencing and phone conferencing tools by which this can be accomplished. Please read the following linked document for a fuller explanation of the recommended guidelines for all such meetings: Guidelines for Remote Thesis and Dissertation Defenses

For more complete information regarding Office of Graduate Education Response Plans during the Coronavirus emergency please see the following document: Office-of-graduate-education_-covid-19-response-plans