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Graduate Education

Graduate Student Research Forum 

The Graduate Student Research Forum is an annual scientific event hosted by the College of Medicine Office of Research and Graduate Education, the Committee on Graduate Education and the Health Sciences Graduate Association.

All graduate students in the college are invited to submit an abstract and present a poster.

The posters are judged by faculty and postdoctoral assistants and awards are given to the students with the highest scores.

GSRF2017A keynote speaker is invited by and voted on by the students. The speaker who receives the most votes is invited to attend.   This year's speaker was Laura E O'Dell, PhD from the University of Texas El Paso.  Her talk was on “Neural mechanisms that promote tobacco use in vulnerable populations". In conjunction with this event, the Richard Akeson Award for Excellence in Graduate Education is presented to a faculty member who best exemplifies outstanding graduate teaching and mentoring. This year's Akeson Award winner was Dr. M.B. Rao.

Faculty are nominated by the students, and the faculty member who receives the most votes is presented with the award during the awards ceremony. 

2019 Scientific Winners

Name Program Advisor Place
Jose Javier Cancer and Cell Biology Marie-Dominique Filippi 1st
Fawzi Alogaili Molecular, Cellular & Biochemical Pharmacology David Hui 2nd
Rebecca Crowther Immunology Joseph Qualls 3rd
Lei Liu Biomedical Informatics Yizhao Ni 3rd
Hannah Newton Pathobiology & Molecular Medicine Laura Conforti 3rd
Martha Dua-Awereh Systems Biology and Physiology Yana Zavros Honorable Mention
Kaitlin Hart Molecular, Cellular & Biochemical Pharmacology Thomas Thompson Honorable Mention
Yanan Yu Cancer and Cell Biology Nancy Ratner Honorable Mention
James Bartram Cancer and Cell Biologyy Marie-Dominique Filippi Honorable Mention
Mary Bedard Cancer and Cell Biology Susanne Wells Honorable Mention
Kelsey Conrad Pathobiology & Molecular Medicine Phillip Owens Honorable Mention
Jordan Webb Molecular Genetics, Biochemistry & Microbiology Rhett Kovall Honorable Mention

2019 Non-Scientific Winners

Name Program Advisor
Shelby Cansler Neuroscience Nathan Evanson
Smruti Deoghare Biomedical Informatics Surya Prasath
Jose Javier Cancer and Cell Biology Marie-Dominique Filippi
Shannon Jones Pathobiology & Molecular Medicine Onur Kanisicak
Kombo N'guessan Pathobiology & Molecular Medicine Xiaoyang Qi
Sandra Zoubovsky Molecular & Developmental Biology Louis Muglia

Graduate Student Research Forum

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