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Graduate Education

Poster Printing

The heart of scientific research is communication, and printing posters is a key activity, whether for national meetings or our local poster sessions.

The poster printer in the Health Sciences Library within the Medical Sciences Building has been purchased for use by UC College of Medicine graduate students, postdoctoral scholars and undergraduate summer program students to print their academic poster projects. (No other printing can be done on this printer.)

Print jobs are charged through UC's Bearcat Card system, which requires students to use their UC student ID or a Bearcat Campus Card to release and pay for their print jobs. Postdocs will need to purchase a Bearcat Campus card:  Bearcat Campus Card.

Three templates are available for download:

Size Current Costs Downloadable Templates
42" x 96" $55.00 Template for 42” x 96”(PPT)
42" x 72" $45.00 Template for 42” x 72"(PPT)
36" x 60" $40.00 Template for 36” x 60"(PPT)

If your poster does not match one of these dimensions, it can still be printed as long as it does not exceed the 42” height, which is the size of the poster printer paper roll.  Alternate sizes will be charged according to the fee structure above

Please be sure to check all content, including text, graphics, fonts, logos and non-standard file types in advance. Unfortunately, we cannot reimburse you if the content is not what you expected.  The poster should have a white background (not a colored background).

For scheduling:\

The library staff may not be able to accommodate students who do not schedule a time to print.

Translational Research Day Poster Presentation.


  • Monday-Thursday there is a 24-hour lead time for date selection. 
  • Friday – the next available day to select is the following Monday. 
  •  Official UC holidays are not available for selection.

For questions please contact Peter Poulos at